The Medical and Scientific Affairs organization is made up of multiple teams that provide medical support for each Roche Diagnostics functional area in terms of subject matter expertise, advancement of our development programs and providing medical education to our partners. Please take a moment to get to know each functional area and understand their supporting structure, areas of focus and individual team contributors.

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Experts specializing in comprehensive knowledge of disease states and clinical utility of cardiac biomarkers.

Core Lab Diagnostics

Dedicated team committed to providing educational and clinical support within the Core Lab and Personalized Healthcare space.

Diagnostic Information Solutions

Team of experts focusing on the utilization of data science and machine learning to develop digital health solutions that provide clinical decision support.

Molecular Diagnostics

A committed team of experts focused on providing the highest quality of support and education across the molecular diagnostic landscape to healthcare professionals and educators.

Point of Care

Experienced professionals committed to providing support and education regarding the importance of point-of-care testing and the surrounding clinical value focus areas.


Team of experts dedicated to providing education and support regarding the benefits of Next-Generation Sequencing and Personalized Healthcare.

Tissue Diagnostics

Subject-matter experts providing training, education and support on cancer diagnostic tests and Personalized Healthcare including Companion Diagnostics.

Women's Health

Highly trained and experienced clinicians serving as subject-matter experts within the reproductive space. This group is focused on providing education and support to improve patient care.

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