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Areas of Interest
We are interested in study submissions involving:
  • The potential clinical utilities of liquid biopsies and tumor tissue in both localized and advanced stage cancers.
  • The relative potential clinical utility of identifying and following multiple versus single biomarkers by ctDNA and tumor tissue DNA analysis.
  • Applications of ctDNA analysis and tumor tissue DNA analysis that demonstrate the potential to have a big impact in cancer treatment and management.
  • Explore ctDNA as an indicator of minimum residual disease (MRD).
  • Correlate ctDNA levels and mutations with tumor volume measured by radiographic imaging across all stages.
Out of Scope
We have little interest in study submissions involving:
  • Studies that focus on cancer screening using circulating DNA
  • Studies that are in the hematological malignancy space
  • Strategies not incorporating Roche products
We can support studies on the following systems:
  • cobas z 480
  • MagNA Pure
  • AVENIO Millisect

Note: AVENIO products are For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Study Proposal Considerations
  1. Does the purpose of the study align with Roche Diagnostics' medical strategy?
  2. Is the research proposal unique and of major scientific or medical importance?
  3. Do we have resources to support it?

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